This list is not exhaustive but takes up the questions that are generally asked us frequently.
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1 - Who can claim the status of NHR (non-habitual resident)

Non-habitual resident status (NHR) allows European pensioners who receive private pensions in their country of origin and transfer their residence to Portugal, to be exempt from income taxes for 10 years .
To qualify for HRH status, you must transfer your tax residence to Portugal and not have lived there for the 5 years preceding your application.
This status of NHR also applies to certain professions defined in the decree of law. Profession that considers high added value, scientific, artistic or technical.
For more information, refer to the NHR in the INFORMATION section.


2 - Which region to choose in Portugal

Portugal is a country that offers many possibilities for your installation as an expatriate or to have a holiday property.
The Algarve for its climate and its lifestyle and Lisbon the capital are the two options that bring together the largest number of expatriates.
This being the silver coast or the region of Porto and the Douro also offers options that should not be overlooked.
We can talk together about the strengths of each region to advise you.
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3- The cost of living in Portugal

The analysis is not easy because many factors must be taken into account.
This being done, studies have been carried out for this purpose.
It shows that the cost of living is 25% lower in Portugal than in UK.


4 - Taxation in Portugal

Income tax is higher in Portugal than in UK.
Of course, this tax does not apply to people who have the status of an NHR.
This tax differential must then be weighed against the lower cost of living in Portugal.
In the end even with a higher tax in Portugal it is more economically interesting to live in Portugal.


5 - Vehicle import in Portugal

When you set up in Portugal you can import a maximum of 2 vehicles per couple (1 per person).
To qualify for this tax-free import, a list of conditions must be met.
For more information, refer to the REAL ESTATE SERVICES section of the menu and in the drop-down menu you will find IMPORTATION OF YOUR VEHICLE.
The information is very detailed and should answer your questions.
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6 - Taxation of real estate in Portugal

In Portugal there is only one property tax that is to be paid each year.
This is the IMI (Imposto Municipal sobre Imoveis).
This tax is a % of the asset value of your property. This percentage changes according to the municipalities. However, there is a minimum and a maximum that is set by the finance law voted by the government.
It is important to point out that in Portugal the property tax is not commensurate with the taxes paid in UK.
The asset value on which the IMI tax is calculated is generally much lower than the real value paid for the property.
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7 - The climate in Portugal

There is not a climate in Portugal, but climates !!

The Algarve offers a very mild climate with 320 days of sunshine per year. Temperatures are almost always positive.
It is very rare to have negative temperatures and if this happens it is never the day.
The Algarve climate is very close to the Californian climate.
Lisbon is the sunniest European capital. The climate is also very clement.

Porto and the whole of northern Portugal have a less sunny climate and temperatures are sometimes severe during the winter.
The centre of Portugal with its peaks has a much more temperate climate.
Temperatures are very severe during the winter with snowfall.
It is possible to ski during the winter in Serra da Estrela, the highest peak of continental Portugal.